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Thinking about what happens when you pass away or lose your ability to make decisions for yourself is a frightening process.

However, planning ahead is critical for:

  • Your future wellbeing;
  • The long-term growth of your estate; and
  • The health and security of your loved ones.

Estate planning is an all-encompassing term for the devices you use to make long-term decisions for yourself, your estate, your dependents, and other loved ones. These decisions can involve your medical treatment if you become incapacitated, financial support for your dependents, the distribution of your assets, and much more. With proper guidance, estate planning allows you to make decisions today that protect what matters most tomorrow.

At Edwards & Edwards, P.A., our Jacksonville estate planning attorneys are here to help you write a will, form a trust, and more. Our attorneys have more than 50 years of combined experience in many different practice areas, which allows us to comprehensively address every facet of your legal and financial circumstances.

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The Components of an Estate Plan

A will is the center stone of any estate plan. It instructs the probate court to distribute your belongings in a certain way and grant guardianship of your children to someone you trust. You can also appoint an individual to oversee the execution of your will, ensuring your wishes are implemented to the last detail.

Many individuals also choose to enhance their estate plan with a trust. Some trusts, unlike wills, are active and effective during your lifetime. A trust typically grants individuals more control over their assets and how they are distributed to beneficiaries over time. For example, some individuals want their beneficiaries to reach a certain age or maturity before they inherit, and a trust can carry out this plan while making sure the beneficiary isn’t impoverished before they inherit. In general, trusts may allow individuals to avoid probate, qualify for government assistance despite a sizeable inheritance, and maintain a level of privacy that wills do not afford.

In addition to wills and trusts, your estate plan may include:

  • Durable power of attorney
  • Health care surrogate
  • Consideration for the special needs of beneficiaries
  • Comprehensive planning for minor children
  • Planning for assisted living
  • Business succession planning

When you bring your case to Edwards & Edwards, P.A., our attorneys will help you develop an estate plan that addresses all your concerns about the present and future. With our comprehensive counsel and support, you can rest assured your estate plan will help you and your loved ones overcome any challenges the future may have in store.

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At Edwards & Edwards, P.A., our team is led by sisters who understand how much your loved ones mean to you. Every day, we use our skills and decades of experience to help families create powerful, legally binding documents that protect what matters most for as long as possible. Whether you are arranging for the long-term care of your dependents, deciding who will take over the family business, or establishing a plan that passes on both your possessions and your values, you can trust our team to provide the comprehensive counsel and representation you need.

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Results That Speak for Themselves

  • Stay of Foreclosure & Home Retained Foreclosure Defense and Bankruptcy

    The client was retained for foreclosure defense, but after initiating bankruptcy proceedings, foreclosure was stayed and the client was allowed to reorganize their finances and keep their home.

  • Criminal Record Expunged & Custody Agreement Revised

    While retained for a custody matter, the client's criminal record was expunged, allowing for revisions to his custody agreement.

  • Accomplished Probate, Assisted Asset Liquidation Probate & Asset Liquidation

    An out-of-state client had a death in the family. Probate and liquidation of the estate were required.

  • Handled All Legal Matters for Family Divorce, Business Partnership Agreement, Probate, & Trust

    Handled various legal matters for one family, including divorce, revision of their business partnership agreement, probate, trusts, and title and closing of multiple residences and assets.

  • Accomplished Probate, Assisted Asset Liquidation Probate & Asset Liquidation

    Edwards & Edwards handled the probate and liquidation of real estate holdings on behalf of an incarcerated client.

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