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Are you drowning in debt? Is your business struggling to stay afloat? Do you owe more on your home or investment property than they’re worth? Your creditors might be pursuing you relentlessly, and drastic collection actions like foreclosure, repossession, and wage garnishment could be on the horizon. If you are experiencing this level of financial hardship, you are not alone, and we can help.

At Edwards & Edwards, P.A., we have helped hundreds of clients break free from millions of dollars of debt. Like thousands of others, you are probably looking for answers and solutions to your financial problems. Let our bankruptcy attorneys in Jacksonville use our 50+ years of combined experience to help you develop and implement the solution you need.

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Our Bankruptcy Services

At Edwards & Edwards, P.A., we assist both consumers and businesses who are struggling with overwhelming debt and all related consequences. While our primary goal is to help good people through bad times by filing for bankruptcy, we have decades of experience in a wide range of practice areas, and we use our multifaceted perspective to develop comprehensive solutions that take all legal implications into account.

Come to our Jacksonville law firm for assistance with any of the following and more:

  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. In just 4-6 months, you can achieve a court-ordered discharge that eliminates your liability for qualifying debts. When we assist clients with Chapter 7, our goal is to help them protect their property from the liquidation process, which we accomplish by claiming exemptions under Florida bankruptcy laws.
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. Repay your debt using your disposable income for 3-5 years. Once you complete this plan, the court will eliminate any unsecured debt that remains. We can help you submit a repayment plan that suits your financial circumstances and is most likely to be approved by the court.
  • Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Looking to reduce your corporation’s financial obligations without going out of business? We can help you navigate the complex process of Chapter 11 bankruptcy, which will reorganize your debt and (in most cases) allow you to retain ownership and control over your company.
  • Subchapter V Bankruptcy. Small businesses have exclusive access to Subchapter V, a new section of Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Our attorneys can help you understand the benefits of this option and determine whether your business qualifies. If it does, you can likely reduce your debt without losing your company.
  • Foreclosure. One of the best ways to avoid foreclosure is by filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy. If you are on the verge of losing your home, get in touch with our attorneys as soon as possible—we can determine whether Chapter 13 is right for you. Time is of the essence, and the sooner you get started on your defense, the greater your likelihood of success.

Whether your debts include mortgage arrears, medical bills, credit cards, unpaid taxes, or any other type of debt, we are here to help. Our team is personally and professionally dedicated to helping individuals, families, and businesses overcome severe financial hardship, and we look forward to taking on your case next.

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A Better Future Is Just Around the Corner

We understand that no one really wants to file bankruptcy. Many people, in fact, sell their assets and deplete their savings or retirement accounts just to avoid bankruptcy. If you are considering this, we urge you to get in touch with us as soon as possible. Your funds and property may be covered by bankruptcy exemption laws, which means you can achieve a debt discharge without losing what you own.

Some people come to us simply because they have lost control over their finances. More often than not, however, crushing levels of debt are the result of a layoff, divorce, illness, or other events completely outside a person’s control. When you bring your financial crisis to our firm, you will never be judged, criticized, or treated with anything less than the utmost respect and compassion.

When faced with unmanageable debt, the worst thing you can do is wait to act. Avoid severe consequences of debt by calling us immediately at (904) 478-9255. We are here for you at a moment’s notice.

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What Sets Us Apart
  • Over 50 Years of Combined Experience
  • Wide Range of Legal Services Available
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What Our Clients are Saying

  • I truly am grateful to the Ladies of Law and can not speak highly enough for them.

    “They know the law inside and out. Helped me through the hardest thing I have ever had to go through in my life. Very happy with the outcome. Don't waste your time or money with anyone else.”

    - Michael Call
  • I just absolutely adore Miss Amanda Edwards!

    “Fantastic attorney and extremely personable”

    - Ann Marie Martin
  • Both Amanda and Meghan are wonderful people and even better lawyers.

    “I would and have referred friends and family members to them, as I know they would not only take amazing care of them and their case, but would do so in a way that is straightforward to their client, and always in the best interest of their client!”

    - Jamie Kirschner
  • Very thankful for representing us.

    “Amanda represented our case with the utmost professionalism and compassion. She made our experience in dealing with our case go as smoothly as possible.”

    - Amanda Kinzey
  • Amanda Edwards was superb in court and kept the proceedings within the rule of law.

    “The entire proceeding was explained in non-legalese which made it easy to understand. Without reservation, I highly recommend her and her firm for any legal action you may need.”

    - Darrell Radford

Results That Speak for Themselves

  • Accomplished Probate, Assisted Asset Liquidation Probate & Asset Liquidation

    An out-of-state client had a death in the family. Probate and liquidation of the estate were required.

  • Stay of Foreclosure & Home Retained Foreclosure Defense and Bankruptcy

    The client was retained for foreclosure defense, but after initiating bankruptcy proceedings, foreclosure was stayed and the client was allowed to reorganize their finances and keep their home.

  • Criminal Record Expunged & Custody Agreement Revised

    While retained for a custody matter, the client's criminal record was expunged, allowing for revisions to his custody agreement.

  • Handled All Legal Matters for Family Divorce, Business Partnership Agreement, Probate, & Trust

    Handled various legal matters for one family, including divorce, revision of their business partnership agreement, probate, trusts, and title and closing of multiple residences and assets.

  • Accomplished Probate, Assisted Asset Liquidation Probate & Asset Liquidation

    Edwards & Edwards handled the probate and liquidation of real estate holdings on behalf of an incarcerated client.

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