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Our firm is focused on helping you through with all of your family law needs. We work hard to address all your major and important concerns:

  • Your CHILDREN – child support and time sharing plans that will place your children’s welfare at the forefront of your divorce.
  • Your FINANCES – support and asset division that is not only fair, but recognizes the many contributions you made to the marriage.
  • Your FUTURE – The women of Edwards & Edwards P.A. work hard to ensure you have the freshest start possible in your new life.

While ending your marriage, regardless of whether the decision has been taken by one party or mutually, it is important to be prepared and informed as early as possible. Your first step should be to solicit the help of a compassionate attorney who understands the emotional issues associated with a divorce: depression, distrust, anger, and sadness. Your attorney should also understand the stress and concern over the financial issues: support for you, support for your children, the marital home. In order to alleviate some stress, it is important to allow an attorney to guide you through the often complicated and lengthy divorce process.

Because you are handling a wide range of complicated emotional and legal considerations, it is critical that you find a professional and compassionate divorce attorney and law firm. Let Edwards & Edwards P.A. be the firm that you can trust to balance your personal concerns with the high demands of the legal system.

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