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The residential eviction process in Florida requires careful and full compliance with Florida law. Attempting to remove a tenant through extralegal means, for example changing the locks or removing the tenant’s belongings, is considered a “self-help” eviction, and is illegal. The statutes governing the removal of a tenant in Florida are very specific. If the eviction process is not done correctly, including the pre-eviction notices, the landlord or property manager could be easily liable for wrongful eviction and possibly liable for thousands of dollars. We have spent years working with Landlord/Tenant issues, which gives us a special insight as to how to best and legally remove a tenant from the property. Not only do we understand how to properly evict a tenant, we also understand the importance of a fast removal process.

Every day of non-payment is another day of loss revenue.

Other issues frequently arise between a landlord and tenant which do not necessarily include the removal of the tenant. For example, when a tenant attempts to withhold rent until a repair is made by the landlord. Also, as a property owner or manager, you are not required to fix anything and everything that breaks in a tenant’s property. We can save you time, money and aggravation by properly advising you on the proper steps to take if a tenant attempts to withhold rent due to repairs. We also understand how time is of the essence when it comes to removing non-paying or problem tenants. Once we receive the proper documentation from the property owner or manager we GUARANTEE a 24-hour turnaround time for filing the eviction complaint. If it is not done within 24 hours, you do not pay our legal fee. We are diligent in monitoring cases and filing further documentation in a timely manner. We pride ourselves in our speed, quality and thoroughness of our cases. We will evaluate each case and let you know if there are any issues which could subject you to liability should a tenant contest the eviction before filing. We take our job to keep you in the best possible legal position when filing a removal action in court. We have found that many attorneys for property managers and landlords have not been property advised that their current practices could subject the owners to liability. We are a full service legal consultant for property managers and owners.

Responsiveness…We are always available for questions and will always keep you up-to-date on a status of your case. We offer a secure, online portal so that you may log in to see the case status when it is convenient for you. We understand you have a business to run and we pride ourselves in being an efficient, aggressive and responsive legal team that is on your side.

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